Meet Mac MacGregor & His Dogs

Experienced ~ Since 1941
Our dogs - our life.

Maurice(Mac)  MacGregor, trainer and breeder, and Sam, one of his many champion working border collies.

MacGregor Border Collies
4717 Spanks Street
Mims, Florida  32754

All of our dogs will work both sheep and cattle. Over the past 20 years, MacGregor's line bred Gilchrist Spot Border Collies have become some of the most sought after dogs in the country. Having great dispositions with people and tremendous working power and style, they are a favorite of both cattle and sheep farmers around the nation.

Since 1962, "MacGregor's Border Collies" has been producing some of the finest working sheep and cattle dogs in the northeast. Having spent ten years in Britain working Border Collies on dairy cattle and a flock of Border Lester sheep, I have gathered vast experience both in training and working Border Collies on livestock.  I emigrated from northern Ireland in 1951 and continued to farm and work Border Collies. Having been one of the founders of the Northeast Border Collie Association, I have devoted to promotion of the breed. This has in no small part resulted in the number of sheepdog trials growing from just a few trials to over fifty trials a year and it has now gained national prominence. I have been privileged to have been featured in numerous publications, including: The New York Times, Dog Fancy, The Shepherd's Dogge, and Time, among others.